Echoes of Hand Claps

I tried to learn a story from you, something that could make sense of the smiles you have been sharing with the world. So we talked merrily in serious times until you opened up to me, opened a window into a room filled with laughter and music, you showed me your answers to my questions. … Continue reading Echoes of Hand Claps

Writing 101 – Day Five: Loose leaf of a Lament

A letter! But here?! "...From the Depth of my heart. With Loves Fieriest Passion Karis." Moving sentiments from the strangest face. Pompous paper, with seductive mysteries had broken my stride, penetrated my world on a canvas of concrete, pebbles and dashings of earth. Curiosity won in straight sets. My hast for the convenience stores concessionary … Continue reading Writing 101 – Day Five: Loose leaf of a Lament