Welcome to the home of The Blissful Nomad.

A safe space for Poetry, Prose and Ponderings.

Students of the human condition welcome,

Poets, Bard and writers encouraged.

I started up this page with the intention of practicing my writing, to help me keep track of new ideas and watching how my penmanship developed. I made the decision to make a go out of becoming a “writer”, so naturally I figured I’d go where other writers live and make a home there.

The result? my pilgrimage through sanity.

Who is The Blissful Nomad?

I am a writer, poet and spoken work artist in training. Slowly making sense of this crazy world of words, using every new tool I learn to articulate the wild labyrinth of knowing and being. I work for the page as well as the stage, so if you enjoy spoken word keep an eye out for performance dates in the near future.

By all means, take the time to leaf through these pages and soak it all in.

My work does not pretend to be perfection, but I’m eager to offer a platform for the voices in my head.


If you are here for Poetry – https://theblissfulnomad.com/category/poetry/

If you are here for Prose –  https://theblissfulnomad.com/category/prose/

Fancy a peek into my curious mind – https://theblissfulnomad.com/category/blog/


Im always at the other end of a tweet (@Rivingroshi) or you can catch me on instagram (@theblissfulnomad) if you’d like to have a chat.

Enjoy your stay with The Blissful Nomad