Welcome to the home of The Blissful Nomad.

A space for Poetry, Prose and Ponderings.

Students of the human condition welcome, curious minds encouraged.

Who is The Blissful Nomad?

I am a Zambian born writer and performer in training, making sense of the weird and wonderful world of storytelling through creative play and collaborative experimentation.

I started this page as a way of keeping track of new ideas and develop ideas. The hope is to have a site that shares my practice and connects with a community that shares the same passion for story, the oral tradition and the ways in which art connects communities. I made the decision to explore writing and story telling and found that sharing the experience really helps the journey.

By all means,  leaf through these pages, share your thoughts.

I’m always at the other end of a tweet (@Rivingroshi) or an instagram DM (@theblissfulnomad) if you’d like to have a conversation.

Alternatively visit the contact page of the website.

Enjoy your stay with The Blissful Nomad

Peace and Blessings