The Hands That Feed You.

"Hard hands knead dough, everybody needs bread." Unknown She has shouldered this burden for years. Life had taken liberty with the course she dreamt out, veering her along a path molded by necessity. Her mornings lead her deeper into a world where the hammer and anvil speak louder than prayer. Once upon a time she had … Continue reading The Hands That Feed You.


His Fathers Son

It was around that age When young soldiers begin To grab hold of the world around them in hopes of moulding their wings, That he was met with silence. That echoes cackled, Crackling against the walls Of his mother's house, Whispering secrets that speak with The knowledge of a world that Lived Before the empty … Continue reading His Fathers Son

Happy Mothers Day 

What is the highest form of expression for Mothers Day? I know that it's very subjective, showing appreciation for a Mother, that special woman in your life, is bound to be a very personal gesture. The run up to Mother's Day rounds up the masses. I see them standing in those endless queues, swollen with … Continue reading Happy Mothers Day 

Writing 201, Assignment 6: Ballad – Mama, Papa (Heroes)

    The weekend served as a short break from the poetry assignments of Writing 201. I haven't been contorting my imagination in new and interesting ways, and it turns out, I missed it. The week opens with a wonderful new prompt of Heroes. These could be, fictional, real, or even a semi non fictional exaggeration … Continue reading Writing 201, Assignment 6: Ballad – Mama, Papa (Heroes)