On Perpetual Motion

Photo by Himmat Iqbal. Taken during Kiota Bristol Event ft Aisha Ali Blog Audio January is no longer the new kid in class. We are three weeks in and have had plenty of opportunities to learn more about it. Whether it was in your professional environment, personal life or the spontaneous moments the year has … Continue reading On Perpetual Motion


Out of the Fog

Image by Dan Martin https://danmartinartist.co.uk/ Blog read by Saili Katebe Thanks to Yasmina Nuny for inspiring the inclusion of audio to the blog - https://yasminanuny.blogspot.com/ Welcome to the home of the Nomad. If you are reading this, congratulations on surviving 2020. It was one hell of a year, a lot happened in a short space … Continue reading Out of the Fog


  Dear Someday, I hope this letter reaches you. I meant to tell you all this in person but something came up, as it always does. I'm sorry. I promise, Someday, well meet. I always talk about you. I think your name has stained my lips with a  promise and  its made for colourful conversations. I talk … Continue reading Someday