We've all been there before, nestled in the clutches of boredom, shells of our former selves. Just sitting at home enduring one of life's many preludes to excitement. Seconds feel longer, hours are nothing more than long droney sustained chords in an orchestra of tedium. The cupboards become prime hunting grounds and the best past … Continue reading Blockbuster



Where survival serves the fittest, and the law is the wind the morbidly winged work for acquisition of wins. Tattered!! Hides torn, so wiery, so lame yet undeterred from detest intent on playing the game. Roaring flames, the fiery pride stalks, anger accumulates in knowledge deprived talk, sharp whispers swarm around to whittle the mane … Continue reading Roumers


Mother to my tears, father to my smilessuccesss your snake ive been following miles un dettered from following, any fear is hollowing tomorrow could be the day i fray from sorrows wings. Burning down bridge and tearing down walls, slithering over obstacle intent with gaining all with a fire in my belly and a warmth … Continue reading Bittersweet