Where survival serves the fittest, and the law is the wind

the morbidly winged work for acquisition of wins.

Tattered!! Hides torn, so wiery, so lame

yet undeterred from detest intent on playing the game.

Roaring flames, the fiery pride stalks,

anger accumulates in knowledge deprived talk,

sharp whispers swarm around to whittle the mane

that sustained a cool air when temperaments changed.

Eye (I) stick to the bone, with the marrow of truth

gnawing for facts collapsed by creative abuse.

Eexempt from the tempest so tempted by tongue

with pride, I peruse till every guise is undone.


December! Your stretch is drenched in a bitter stench!!

Frost and fermented fun, run course through your trench

I cower and quiver, besieged by the winters breathe

My patience for her whispers whimper to a splinters breadth

So I’m Befriending her enemy, warm, vivid and bold

A flickering fire, she finds means to limit the cold.

Teasing my every senses as she dances in place

The beautiful smell, sound, taste, warmth on my face

I watched the dancing amber’s in her house full of red

A spectrum of anger gifting them a comfort filled bed.

Misunderstood and abused, she lends herself to be used

Lacking direction, flicking wildly, I too am confused.

A pocket of warmth nestles these rebellious stones

A furnace for fine destruction, its pure power alone.

A straying few alone can lend distraction a home,

Ignorantly lit, the flames seductively moans.

Inviting, but protective, she doesn’t want me so near

Knowledge of her is obtuse and lends so rightly to fear.

Its light, a mere distraction from the beautiful feast

Visual deception, from the carnage at peace

My open palms stray wanting, such an ignorant lust

Naive humanity forges fire with gullible trust.

“Man invented fire”, how pompous and bold

Claiming to tame that element that saved from the cold

Natural and wild, beautiful but fierce

Even the darkest cloak will appease to be pierced.

Paving mans arrogance, just goading the gloat

The genesis of “genius” is suspended afloat.

Man invented the wheel, but we stumbled on fire!

She entertains our trust, such a humble desire

Her tantrums can claim lives, even level a fort

Devious minds of men merely embezzled a force.

She understands my respects and teases my skin

Against Decembers rugged touch, were achieving a win!


Mother to my tears, father to my smiles

successs your snake ive been following miles

un dettered from following, any fear is hollowing

tomorrow could be the day i fray from sorrows wings.

Burning down bridge and tearing down walls,

slithering over obstacle intent with gaining all

with a fire in my belly and a warmth within my cheeks

elated by the beauty of the treasures that I seek

the intangible treasures, its them we all pursue

perennial longevity, forever, for a few

the stuff of dreams where nothing seems sawn onto a seem

in a free flowing fashion, posing hazard to the keen

their quick to take a leap, promptly taking the fall

eyes too big for your belly, lips cant take it all

chasing what appears to be a herring in the red

could keep your belly fed and children in a bed

comfort in the back row, why would I need that for?

discomfort in my drive is the reason I adapt more!!

Act more rigorous to barricading entities

enemies, mind state and aggravating energies!!

Everything around suggests survival of the fittest folk

the strain in my calves helps me feel like I can get involve

elevate awareness and where less pride

because it only drags me down to peacock my stride.

Under Estimated

The platform is set, my art forms neglect

is less heart warming, more shards storming my respect.

It’s expected for me to fail, flail wildly in a breeze,

crash in higher classes, slumber in cold debris.

The cold in its degree revolutionises my hustle

so strength of word supersedes physical muscle

I’ll smile at neigh sayers, when they pay us, “the fallen”

through troughs we peak, creep, seeking our true calling.

Who sees the hours mauling, at the writers brick walling?!

Axe and pick scrawling to breath, break a holding!!

Suffocated in a genre that’s been judged from the start,

I crafted my lexicon so they can call it an art,

I don’t ask to be admired, just acknowledged as here

amongst strangers, as much as my closest of peers.

Abolish the fear! quick! So we can storm from the rear

produce a product validating the thorns that we wear.

I wasted time, paced my mind, just to taste that lime …. light!!

Taken the heat, forged my mind so in time I shine … bright

It’s not charity I seek, no, I ask that we repeat

the same respect for fine art, to what is thrown to a beat

the public are narrow viewed, so in gallows we cue

left hung waiting for a simple chance to be viewed

I’d lend my eyes so you can see as I view its true deliverance

Hip Hop the rain drop to feed famines of ignorance