The silent cheers sicken me, my presence denied I hope that scope and seasoning embellish my mind Augment my arsenal and war my disdain In the chambers of neigh Sayers let boredom sustain. The lack of skill and timing tortures my dream From ambition and destination I'm caught in between. Maybe in time ill dance … Continue reading Recognition


Where survival serves the fittest, and the law is the wind the morbidly winged work for acquisition of wins. Tattered!! Hides torn, so wiery, so lame yet undeterred from detest intent on playing the game. Roaring flames, the fiery pride stalks, anger accumulates in knowledge deprived talk, sharp whispers swarm around to whittle the mane … Continue reading Roumers


December! Your stretch is drenched in a bitter stench!! Frost and fermented fun, run course through your trench I cower and quiver, besieged by the winters breathe My patience for her whispers whimper to a splinters breadth So I'm Befriending her enemy, warm, vivid and bold A flickering fire, she finds means to limit the … Continue reading FIRE


Mother to my tears, father to my smilessuccesss your snake ive been following miles un dettered from following, any fear is hollowing tomorrow could be the day i fray from sorrows wings. Burning down bridge and tearing down walls, slithering over obstacle intent with gaining all with a fire in my belly and a warmth … Continue reading Bittersweet

Under Estimated

The platform is set, my art forms neglect is less heart warming, more shards storming my respect. It's expected for me to fail, flail wildly in a breeze, crash in higher classes, slumber in cold debris. The cold in its degree revolutionises my hustle so strength of word supersedes physical muscle I'll smile at neigh sayers, when they … Continue reading Under Estimated