Journey Through the Years: Snake

Whenever I find myself in front this screen there are a thousand thoughts and questions I have to contend with.

“Are they even reading this stuff?”

“Who are ‘THEY’ anyway?”

“Why are you writing again?”

“Where are you going with this?”

There is no shortage of inner dialogue to both confuse and make things interesting for me.

Tapping away at this project, after months away from it, brings a lot back to the surface. I become very aware of how ambiguous each of these entries can be, and how obscure my interpretations of this zodiac can come across.

I have always enjoyed the less concrete dividers around any given idea or image. This weeks entry was a strong reminder of this.

As we step back into this journey through the years, to walk with our Zodiac once more, we are accompanied by the Snake. Enigmatic, Powerful and Proud.

Slithering through the stark images this brought up for me, I offer you this, This is my take on this majestic entity.

I hope you enjoy it.

Journey Through The Years: Snake

There are no half measures. Once halved, our efforts become shadows of themselves, and every attempt to win is nothing more than a hollow gesture for the sake of on lookers.

For this reason I loath the sheep. For this reason I adore my own peace and I refuse to keep the company of prey. I pray their presence is as short lived as their courage and that their course is far removed from my own. There are no half measures allowed around here.

This gauntlet we have called life was built for the Gods. We make do with confusion to find our footing, We live in leaps and bounds pushing our service to the Tao* so we can enjoy the treasures promised. Mortals don’t live like this, No. They disguise effort with sweat, letting lip service secure them heaven. I have listened to how a practiced tongue can work at picking the locks of a labyrinth it had no hand in building.

I have fanged the floor with a beaded brow to make my mark along the way, etched my resolved into the concrete fact that even as everything ends, my contribution will echo forward in these tracks. Lend me space to show the gods that the odds were lax to forget me standing here, that there was never a shortage of truth in my desire to be greater than the status quoted.

The cunning of time has been a menace to me as I have walked this way. Carrying gold through the eyes of her storms has meant I could only steal a whisper of heavens chorus into every moment. Fair being fair, should have spared me the trials of patience when I wanted to claim what was mine. After all I have given to this pantomime of Sisyphus, surely I deserved some leeway away from where the layman finds solace.

I have stood in courts and added lightness to heavy words, Yet your gaze has remained a fearful one, frozen, as though my touch could rust the luck away from a decades worth of living. This was lent to me by the pantheon of your people. A sea of sickles, this sinful skin, kined with unjust deeds becomes a banner that betrays my intention. I am not the character of your confusion, you confuse me with your pain. It pains me that I have no leg to stand on while your misconceptions run away with you.



I’m always interested to hear what actually comes across in these pieces. Feel free to share your thoughts and responses in the comments section below.

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