Writing 101, Day 5: Brevity

Less is more!! I’m used to spinning yarns at the mercy of my forever chattering conscience. Today my tale had to be short and sweet! Here is the scenario people, I’m walking along a path, road or street, and I stumble upon a letter right there in my path. The letter moves me, something written on that page affects me in some way, and it inspires some kind of action, or new train of thought. A challenge in brevity. Here I go. Enjoy!

I found your secrets. I found them laid naked against a cold pavement, where your cold statements had abandoned their Manila womb, I assumed it was once neatly tucked into an envelope but your words had fled from that barren tomb that would have kept them hidden, hidden from her, from me, saved solely for her eyes, the hidden other, who made you “Feel like no one has done before”. Cold confessions clotted in cursive.

Does she know?

Should she know?

How can I truly say “I told you so”?

How could she have seen it coming, my sister, forever young. Tonight I am tempted to break a promise, he has broken my sisters smile.

(c) Saili Katebe



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