Happy Mothers Day 

What is the highest form of expression for Mothers Day? I know that it’s very subjective, showing appreciation for a Mother, that special woman in your life, is bound to be a very personal gesture.

The run up to Mother’s Day rounds up the masses. I see them standing in those endless queues, swollen with satchels and hand fulls of scripted gifts. I can only imagine how the sale of Lindt chocolates, eccentrics bouquets of vibrant petals, and freshly stocked “You’re One in a Million” cards, rocket to seasonal highs. I see the material worth of “Mother” sought high and low from the cradle of commerce.

I envy them. While they panick to secure their gifts in time, I am lost. I’m lost for a that voice that can communicate the appreciation that she, my mother, truly deserves. I’m lost for the means to express the unuttered sorrys that pride has hidden from her.

I love her, I’m sorry for still being young past my time, I’m thankful for the guidance, support and love she has showed me and my brothers. Although I’m yet to find the vessel that will journey the whole of my hearts message to her, I will work so she can see it fully with time, feed it body so she may feel all she deserves to feel.

I Love You Mum,

Happy Mothers Day!



9 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day 

    1. Yeah it’s Mother’s Day 😊 sneaks up, yours is in May? We need to unit and celebrate mum on the same day. Lol I’ll celebrate in May as well, I think my mum would like that.

      1. May 10th momma gets another special day. She gets her birthday, 2 mothers days, and valentines day 🙂

      2. Lol no our valentines days is February as we’ll, it’s just another special day fir mum ma. She’s my number 1 valentine

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