Writing 201, Assignment 10: Sonnet – Future




The finale to Writing 201 was a long awaited. It brought a lovely end to the 10 days of prompts that fed the poets of WordPress with plenty of entertained, inspiration and creative challenge. The final prompt is one alive with possibility, for the post and for our endeavours as writers and individuals in general, “Future”. The piece is to be written in a classic poetic form, The Sonnet, which was sure to make an appearance in this poetry course in one way or another. I found it a fun challenge throwing the suggested device, Chiasmus, into use. Hopefully it has seasoned the piece with reasonable effect. Enjoy!



There is madness in my longing, longing in my madness,

there is sweetness when I sleep, I see summits of possibility.

The possibility of summits that sever a stagnant sadness,

the promise that waking up is enough to compose ability.


I sleep a while and slip away, in dreams that breach the present,

I reconcile with consciousness to rally a rise to action.

For action to rise, a rally must drive a stake through any presence,

that stifle my any means to feed my drive its traction.


I’m humbled by any pain that punctuates my ascension.

The periods of softened will, will soften if I persist.

There is truth inside these dreams that captivate my attention,

a truth that goes to prove that soon my future will exist.


I’m in love with possibility, Possibility with love entwined,

A future that found design in the sinews of passions bind.




(c) Saili Katebe

4 thoughts on “Writing 201, Assignment 10: Sonnet – Future

  1. This is so great! It was definitely worth the wait 🙂 I need to rework mine. I liked it but it was definitely far from perfect!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Youre piece was good! I enjoyed it. Used the devise well. It was a tricky ol thing to use propely.

      1. I really wanted to use the device in the final couplet as I think it would have had a better impact there, but I just couldn’t work it in. I think when I rework it I’ll try and put it into the couplet. But you’re right – it was a tricky thing to use properly, particularly trying to use it in such a way that fit in with the rest of the poem, without making it seem like it was used just for the sake of it. Know what I mean? But I really like how you used it. There is definitely madness in longing and vice versa!

      2. I think it’s great that you’re really taking to getting it to feel right. I’m looking forward to seeing the piece in it’s remastered version. HD 🙂

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