Writing 201, Assignment 9: Found Poetry – Highlands



The colder touches of reality have teased my time into a nuggets of scarcity. I have neglected my shared words. This post is due, this should have been shared a week ago, leaving my contributions to Writing 201 incomplete. I apologise for the silence emanating from my corner. I am here to present my latest contribution to the challenge and re-establish my voice.

The form of the day was, found poetry. Collection of words, letters, from an existing text to create a new piece. I wasn’t able to submit any of my draft ransom notes, as they could still come in handy in the future, however I made an attempt at creative a piece with a new addition to my poetic arsenal, erasure. The prompt was landscape, and using enumeration.

For this piece, I used a text entitled “Land of Little Rain” by Mary Austin.


found poetry



I was lost for ways of structuring the verse. I only truly saw it as the piece as I carved it out of the original text. Here is the Verse separate to the rest of the text.


This is nature.

There are hills,

squeezed up,

aspiring to be high in a blue haze.

Streaked with water

in the hollows of closed valleys,

levels of steep and heavy,

never quite dry,

deposits of marsh

which open to the wind

in cannon.

This country,

brackish and unwholesome,


dribbles soil where the air calms the pale sky.

Earth crys for downpours,

bursts of love.

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