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Okay! So it finally happened! I’ve taken a step out of my comfortable world of procrastination and thought it wise to flex my solitary brain cells and flex my creative muscles!

The world of blogging is new to me, so I took the right precautions as an explorer into new pastures and sought to equip myself with a map of sorts. I’m a firm believer in learning by doing, but knowing me, without at least a gentle prompt I’d fall on my face and resort to sitting back and watching the blank spaces my thoughts and ideas SHOULD be filling up.

I have always placed reasonable trust in the magic of the internet, so I turned to it once more in my hours of need and sought out a trail guide to this brave new world. Lo and behold!! It dazzled me once again. I found myself a life line to hang on to while I found my feet, or “voice” as I’ve grown to understand, in this new world. This life line came in the form of a handy blogging guide. “Blogging 101”.

A much needed thank you to the minds behind “The Daily Post” blogging page.

The page boasts daily mission statements for budding bloggers, such as myself. Each day a new task is posted, to help loosen up to the whole concept and get to grips with blogging. I must admit right away, that I’ve been an idle audience. Since discovering the page, I’ve been checking in on it, reading through the tasks and slowly fading off and never really getting my hands dirty. Although “blogging 101” has today issued its 8th daily task, I’m creeping in at the tail end of the adventure, with day one. What better task to open up such a series than with an introduction.

Blogging 101: Day 1

Who am I and why do i blog?

The “who” would be a great place to start, Ill take this opportunity to trip myself of the title “stranger”!

I am, as of the 22nd of April 2014, a 23 year old male, a fan of the written word, student of life and a man of many hats.

I’ve had the privilege of enjoying two worlds in my lifetime, having spent most of my life in Zambia, one of Africa’s proud countries, and currently serving the rest of my sentence in the United Kingdom. Hoping to build to that resume as I go! I’m cross legged at the cliched cross road between where I’ve been and where I’m hoping to go, eagerly scratching my head, thinking about the next steps while reading and writing to appease my sanity.

The next logical question to answer would be, Why blog? Why not just scribble away in a personal journal in the confines of my own room? I always asked these questions myself until I took to blogging.

I initially started up a blog page to share my poetry, nothing more than a canvas for my word pictures. This past time grew with my love for writing songs, a song would take on a new life, and I’d scratch off its label and call it a poem, and it worked. I shared a few poems in a vain hope that it was worth something, maybe someone will see them and appreciate them.

I started a word press page and sporadically added to this poetry collection. The sole purpose of my visits to wordpress was to share poetry and nothing else. However, my eyes were caught by other bloggers sharing poetry, I was spoiled for choice, all around pages upon pages popped into my line of sight. I slowly found myself lost in the never ending river of creative minds sharing a piece of themselves. My curiosity tends to win most of the battle in my mind, so with curiosity boasting another victory, i read on. I explored the sites and pages, from poetry to pictures, from pictures to stories, from stories to a never ending reservoir of text, images and sounds and it was perfect!!

The part of it that spoke to me most, was that there were people out there giving a channel to that little voice in there heads to live through.

This is where I thought to up my involvement and engaged in the action. In person, I enjoy conversations that can take me to knew places, feeding my reality with difference perspective, sharing minds, be it ideas, stories and jokes. So as well as continuing to add to the collections of poems i started to post, I decided share a little bit of what swims through my mind, This is evident on my page. Feel free to explore!

I apologize in advance, and will continue to do so, for the lack of aesthetic beauty to my page. I’m hoping as my mind grows a more bearable and harmonious relationship with technology, I can tweak it to keep readers around longer.

This is my page to share my minds working, but I’m hoping to see other minds work and enrich what my mind has to play with. Giving a little bit more to this blog over the course of the years to come, I’m hoping to develop my writing skills and share my works and thoughts with more people and hoping that a lot more people will share alike.

I cant say whether or not this first impression is one I can crown as Perfect, or close to such, but I’m hoping to ticks the right boxes for my days task and entices a few future visits.


6 thoughts on “Hi!! My name is …

  1. Congratulations on day 1! Great post. Don’t worry about the odds and ends of your page. Blogging 101 has you covered on that. Every day hasn’t been a writing assignment yet, so you could probably catch up. Good luck on your new adventure!

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you appreciate it. I just paid your blog a visit, and I’m hoping blogging 101 had a hand in that. I hope you’re enjoy the course/challenge. Thanks for the luck, I’m looking forward to doing more.

      1. I was checking out your poetry! I am amazed. You don’t fit in with any of the poets I’ve come across, and that’s a good thing. Your style is different. Keep it up. You’ll find your readers. That’s all that matters. I read the first two poems you posted, and I could feel the energy and emotions of the poem. Honestly, I don’t read too many poems because I get lost. Some poets draw me in with the title and pictures, but the writing loses me. Either way, just know if you stay true to your work, you have a fan in me!

      2. Thank you very much, that means a lot to hear!! I’m glad you could enjoy them. I’m paying my writing more attention so hopefully more will be popping up 🙂

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