My Mind

Tetanus tainted tools tucked tidy and tall

the guards of all my memories are hiding the walls

shelf to shelf of self in a shell full of thought

my potent deluded state of mind’s a health of a sort

health of distort, bohemian, unhealthy retort

to reality disrupting my delicate fort

a guise for the inner me, obscured from my enemies

My individuality is procuring an energy.

my departure from a sanity, requires some help

but i have a patchy allaby that I’m required to tell

freedom of speech, unique, changing the the script

My infantile id, lives in an ageless abyss

astranged from all my sences the five of us fall

succulent slaughter of sence so many adore

so deaf i stayed suspended in a bubble of peace

blissfully ignorant home of my sleep, grows with the weeks



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