Mother to my tears, father to my smilessuccesss your snake ive been following miles

un dettered from following, any fear is hollowing

tomorrow could be the day i fray from sorrows wings.

Burning down bridge and tearing down walls,

slithering over obstacle intent with gaining all

with a fire in my belly and a warmth within my cheeks

elated by the beauty of the treasures that I seek

the intangible treasures, its them we all pursue

perennial longevity, forever, for a few

the stuff of dreams where nothing seems sawn onto a seem

in a free flowing fashion, posing hazard to the keen

their quick to take a leap, promptly taking the fall

eyes too big for your belly, lips cant take it all

chasing what appears to be a herring in the red

could keep your belly fed and children in a bed

comfort in the back row, why would I need that for?

discomfort in my drive is the reason I adapt more!!

Act more rigorous to barricading entities

enemies, mind state and aggravating energies!!

Everything around suggests survival of the fittest folk

the strain in my calves helps me feel like I can get involve

elevate awareness and where less pride

because it only drags me down to peacock my stride.

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